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In Loving Memory, 2014 Memorial

Thank you to everyone who attended our memorial yesterday for December 17th, International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. Event page here:

Mags, our current treasurer, led us in memorializing the people our community has lost in the previous year. Please be warned, this included sometimes graphic descriptions of how they lost their lives, and in some cases photos of the deceased (not graphic).

Memorial Slideshow:

memorial names 2014

We lit candles for the deceased (Rest in Peace and Power and Love) and viewed a video of the 2008 December 17th march on Washington, which one of our members was present for. Then, we held a group discussion centered around the following: how do we keep ourselves safe, what fuels violence against sex workers and how can we bring an end to it, and so on. It was a very powerful and healing discussion.

In love.

December 17th, 2014.




Video of 2008 march on Washington:


SWOP USA founder Robyn Few (RIP) shares her love:


Every Ho I Know Says So: