Sex Worker Outreach Project (SWOP) Denver is the Denver, Colorado chapter of SWOP USA. We are a grassroots organization that is focused on peer support, harm-reduction and human rights advocacy for those in the sex industry. SWOP Denver is run by and for sex workers, and all of our members are volunteers. We honor personal choice and individual circumstances that lead people into the sex industry, and we are not a rescue organization.
SWOP Denver currently offers bi-monthly street outreach, a local bad date list, a Colorado-specific PROS (Providers and Resources Offering Services to Sex Workers) Network, events for sex workers, and community outreach and education. You can also follow us on facebook and twitter for news, information and events.

swop denver

What is a Sex Worker?

Sex Work(ers) is an umbrella term meant to cover a diverse group of individuals involved in the sex industry. It is deliberately broad in order to be both inclusive of several different identities, and to protect those who wish to identify as a part of the sex industry without incriminating themselves. In many circles, sex worker is considered the most politically correct and preferred term for people involved in the sex industry.

swop denver

Sex workers can be prostitutes/ escorts/ full service providers working outdoors or indoors, dancers/ strippers, professional dominants/ submissives/ switches, full body sensual massage (FBSM) providers, phone sex operators, cam girls/ boys/ queers, sugar babies, adult film performers, live/ in-person performers, etc. Sex workers are female, male,  trans and gender non-conforming, young and old, and in the industry for lots of different reasons. Sex workers are not a homogeneous group. Many sex workers may move within several different areas of the sex industry, either simultaneously or throughout their career.
Because the term is meant to be inclusive, SWOP Denver is not interested in policing the identities of sex workers within the industry. If you’re worried about whether or not you can come to a sex worker only event held by SWOP Denver, or access our services, don’t be afraid to ask! But please do look at our anti-oppression statement below before attending any SWOP Denver events, either as a sex worker or as an ally.

swop denver

How Do I Get Involved?

Membership in SWOP Denver is easy! Just ask and you can be added to our listserve. We do ask that you show up for our monthly meetings when your schedule allows, and that you volunteer for outreach, administration or events, also as your schedule allows. Membership is open to all sex workers and all allies, but you must believe that participation in the sex industry is a fundamental human right that should not be criminalized and stigmatized.

Monthly meetings occur the third Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm at the American Friends Service Committee offices, located at 901 W 14th Ave #7, Denver, CO 80204. These offices are in the apartment building across 14th street from the “underground” King Soopers, take the entrance to the left of the main entrance.

swop denver

Anti-Opression Statement

SWOP Denver is committed to providing safe spaces for ALL in the sex industry. This means that we strive to eliminate all forms of whorearchy, whorephobia, classism, racism, ableism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia/ misogyny,  and other intersecting oppressions that harm sex workers, from the spaces that we create. Treating some sex workers as less-than based on their rates, their housing status, their race or ethnicity, their gender or sexuality, their ability, or the ways in which they choose to do sex work will not ever be tolerated.

We acknowledge that as an organization and as individuals, we all make mistakes and have a lot to learn from one another. We make every attempt to call in rather than out, and to be gentle to one another. If you have any feedback about the ways in which SWOP Denver or it’s members could improve and help you feel more safe, please reach out to us.

And while we do strive to be as inclusive of identities in the sex industry as possible, please consider the oppressions that many sex workers have to face before you take on that identity yourself. If you are not someone who trades sex or sexual activities for income and/ or to meet your survival needs, you might want to take a seat and consider yourself more ally than sex worker.

swop denver

For more information on SWOP and the Sex Worker Rights movement, visit SWOP USA.

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